Operation Manager

Operations managers is a local person responsible to provide overall services required by the crew members and regard as an affiliated representative of Himalayan Nepal Trek P. Ltd. The position is profoundly responsible for the various aspects of operations and production within the project and oversee the production and efficiency of the entity. The operations manager at glance is for managing quality assurance programs, supervising, hiring, and training other employees, monitoring existing processes and analyzing their effectiveness; and creating strategies to improve productivity and efficiency. The main objectives of the personal is Improving the operational systems, processes and policies in support of the crew members, better management in reporting, information flow and the complete management work process. The operation manager always plays a significant role in working towards operational excellence and developing program budgets. Managing and increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of support services like Government entity, IT, Costumes Clearance, Location Management, Required Permits, Affiliated Company, and Accommodation Facilities by improving each function by coordination and communication.