Everest Region Peak Climbing

15 Different Peaks in Everest

Everest Region Peak Climbing

Everest region holds the most dominant mountains on the planet, it is surrounded by lofty peaks, including three 8000m peaks of the world, they are Everest 8848m, Choyou 8188m, and Lhotse 8516m. There are more than two dozen peaks above 6000m making it the spot for the best climbing destination with exquisite views of the world's majestic mountains, the Himalayan panorama. The Everest region captivates ambulance essence in climbing peaks in a small area of Sagarmatha National Park, these diversified character makes the region an incomparable solution and commercialized destination for mountain lovers.

Among all the peaks, there are 13 different selected itineraries for climbing by our experts' teams depending upon the choice of our clients, some of them are very challenging, technical, and easy, trekking peaks, some of the peaks with amazing viewpoints, and so forth. Not all the listed peaks require climbing peak permits, however, most of the climbs are done with paid permits issued by the government of Nepal. Peak permits cost varies from one season to another season, the main season Spring is the most expensive climbing season and other seasons are very less price for the same peaks.

Being the most popular Trekking and Peak climbing destination invites worthy and famous sports personalities and celebrities therefore one can get a good chance to meet your next travel partner for your upcoming adventure. One can experience the great stories of the mountains, experiences, lifestyle, techniques, and records, Home to popular people, The Sherpas (mountain people), those who are very honored for climbing lofty peaks, lifetime adventure, and devotees to the Mountains in the most beautiful yet life-threatening destination. Listed below itinerary of Peak Climbing is the most popular climb in the Everest region.