Mustang Region Peak Climbing

01 Climbing Destination in Mustang

Mustang Region Peak Climbing

Mustang Region Peak Climbing has one and only most popular peak climbing destination of these region, which is Saranung Pak Climbing 6346m itinerary. This destination falls under the restricted area of Nepal, controlled by government of Nepal and also falls under the Annapurna Conservation Area. Mustang region once used to be very popular trekking destination due to remoteness and rich culture in Tibetan plateau geography and location however these days due to roadways all the way up to the kingdom of Lo-Manthang it is replaced with the Mustang Overland Tour. Mustang region peak climbing gives the opportunities for climbers to experience tough experience of trekking, and peak climbing as well as cultural insight of Tibetan tribe. 

There are two ways to get into this region, one by roadways all the way up to the Jomsom and next is via mini aircraft from Pokhara (Lake city of Nepal). This area holds one of the worlds ancient cultures and practices until today. The geography of the areas is very barren and tree less, People perform various pre-Buddhist rituals, there are still centuries old monasteries and caves curved by Tibetan monks back in time. Travelling in these areas one can experience deep sense of life and origin due to its remoteness and evidence of overwhelming civilization present there.

The destination is a part of Gandaki Province in northern Nepal, straddles the Himalayas and extends northward onto the Tibetan Plateau. The district is one of the remotest areas in Nepal and is second in terms of the sparsity of population. The elevation ranges from 1372m to 8167m including Dhaulagiri 8167m, the 7th highest mountain in the world, with several peaks above 7000 meters. However, our expert teams have selected Saribung Peak as the one and only climbing destination for your absolute experience.