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Gopal Shrestha


Managing Director of Nepal's leading mountaineering and trekking company, Himalayan Nepal Trek P. Ltd. Mr. Gopal has his long history back revealing his past. From more than 3rd decades continuously he contributes his immortality hospitality service. Since 1984 A.D. Mr. Gopal has been working in this field. The unbreakable strength about him in this industry is his familiar & friendly relation towards every client and their staffs. He gets to pass through from each level were genuinely everyone can’t survive in this industry. Charming & a smiling. He presents himself as a passionate trekker. He believes in Nature. Travel and motivate people to travel.


Gajendra Shrestha

Operation Manager

Mr.Gajendra is familiar to overall operations in the industry and keeps up update with the overall outlook of the company. He serves to provides new ideas for proper working order and improving the operational systems with significant role in long-term planning. He makes the policies in support of the agency mission by better management, reporting, and information flow. He helps our clients and company developing individual program budgets and company budgets. He looks after all the operational objectives which are conducted to meets elite excellence of the company.


Saraswati Shrestha

Travel Representative

Saraswati Shrestha (Sanam) She works as corresponding Personnel. She rejoices corresponding with different people all over the world by providing trip information. She has immense interest in writing, reading, traveling and providing quality services to our clients. She is passionate to communicate with people from different countries and loves to learn their language. She believes “The World is a book and those who don’t travel, only read the chapter.” She contribute to our agency from Portugal and introduces beautiful country of mountain Nepal all over the world.


Lakpa Sherpa

Trekking Guide

Lakpa Sherpa is one of the highly experienced, well-trained and certified trekking guide as well as mountain climber leader of Himalayan Nepal Trek. Mr. Lakpa has been working with Himalayan Nepal Trek since its establishment. Mr. Lakpa was born in October 08/1993 Tholedemba VDC Okhaldhunga district. He has been in this field since 2010 as a guide and adventurer climber leader. He has led as many as smaller and bigger group in Everest,Manaslu, Langtang, Kanchenjunga, Dhaulagiri, Mustang, Dolopo etc region of Nepal. Being one of the profession and adventure climber leaders of HNT he has successfully ascended many more peaks with an altitude above 60500 we keep him to continue in this agency  


Tashi Sherpa

Expedition Leader

Tashi is very experienced expedition leader who successfully climbed eight 8000m peaks from Nepal, China, and India, His achievements in this field is exemplary to the coming generation. He started climbing currier from 1999 AD - 2011 AD from small peaks below 6000m. he progressed to climbing 8000m and leading mountain expedition since 2011 AD till now, actively and professionally to ascend on the summit. His success stories, Everest 2013AD, Lhotse 2012/2013AD, Kanchenjunga 2011/14AD, Makalu 2016/17, Dhaulagiri 2017AD, Makalu 2017AD, Choyou 2014AD, Satopanth 2006AD, His dream is to keep climbing until he makes 14peak all standing above 8000m. He belongs from the eastern region from Kanchenjunga area very famous for climbing professionals since it lies in the worlds third highest peak in the world. He is very kind and passionate and his skills is always a assets to the company. 


Kanchha Sherpa

Climbing Guide

Kanchha was born in Solukhumbu District, Hewa VDC -6. He is one of the professional Climbing and Trekking Guide since 2009. Kanchha is very professional, sincere & a dedicated guide also who has an additional ability in Climbing. He successfully submitted to the top of the Mount Everest (8,848 m) besides he has successfully completed in many peaks. He has been to very challenging adventure route of Nepal like Makalu Serpani-col, Tashilapcha, Kanchenjunga, Terila-pass (Upper Mustang), Tilicho Mesokanto-La pass, Manaslu Larke-La pass. Around the Himalayas of Nepal and Tibet.


Padam B Gurung ( Indra )

Trekking & Climbing Guide

Padam B Gurung (Indra) Trekking and Climbing Guide. I am working in Himalayan Nepal Trek since 2011. Worked as Guiding many nationality trekkers’ to every destination of Nepal and Tibet, which is my greatest achievements, I must say. I started working in this field since 1985 as a porter, Assistance guide and finally specialized guide. I have seen the great possibilities to experience the divine culture and nature as well as other adventure sports and meditation among the healthy feeling people and their warm hospitality.  


Dendi Sherpa

Trekking Guide

Mr. Dendi Sherpa He belongs from Solukhumbu district of Eastern-Nepal. He is younger, hard worker and well-experienced staff in our company. He always gives his best potential to make a memorable & a successful trip. Mr. Dendi has a good sense of hummer, and his positive attitude makes convenient to our respectful guests. Talking about his multi-dimensional effort he is one of an expert the Expedition cook, Climber, and trekker of our company. He has traveled our guest almost the entire region of Nepal like Mustang, Lang tang, Everest, Kanchenjunga, and Helambu region. Some of the successful expeditions succeeded by him are as Mt. Everest (8,848 m), Kanchenjunga (8,586 m) and Manaslu (8,163 m). He has been working as a senior guide with Himalayan Nepal Trek since the beginning of the company and he holds guiding license with the permission of Nepal Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation.


Gyalzen Sherpa

Trekking & Climbing Guide

Sherpa from Solukhumbu District lower belt Everest region. He is well experienced and strong guy full of passion and dedicated person. He is a well-trained Climbing guide. Mr. Sherpa started his career from the porter and he wants to turn his professional as senior climbing Guide in the tourism industry. Mr. Sherpa took various training from N.M.A (Nepal Mountaineering Association) and other institution. He has been leading many extreme adventures, high passes, and technical route.


Dhan Kumar Magar (Kaji)

Trekking Guide

Kaji from Solukhumbu lower belt of Everest region.He has been working for Himalayan Nepal Trek P. Ltd. as senior Trekking Guide from 2011. Mr. Kaji is more than a decade experience in the tourism industry not only that he has lots séance to work with different nationality’s people. He is English and French speaking Guide. Mr. Kaji is very experienced and energetic, passion on the tourism industry Mr. Kaji can play a vital role to make his trip excellence and happiest face of the Group. Mr. Kaji always smiles and will be in a happy refreshing mood, some how he is known as a refreshing guy. Making others happy is his additional strength who can easily control his group & included staffs in a very fluent ways and with best intellectually. Mr. Kaji is a well certified guide in a national way from associated with tourism sectors of Nepal.


Mr. Gyaljen Sherpa

Climbing Guide

Sherpa from Solukhumbu district of Everest region.Working here in Himalayan Nepal Trek since establishment. His early childhood, he nurtured a dream to become a good cook and capable mountaineering guide and trek operator. He worked hard to make his dream come true. He is a person of dedication, passion, and incentive, no matter what task he undertakes. We can fully rely on him to synchronize the team. Loves cooking delicious outdoor meals on the camping treks. Taken training from Nepal Mountaineering association and Ministry of Tourism and training on first aid and altitude sickness. He gives high priority to the satisfaction of clients.


Nima Chhotar Sherpa

Trekking & Climbing Guide

Mr, Nima Chhotar Sherpa of our very experienced guide, leading many treks and Peak climbing already climbed above 50 peaks of Nepal he is another senior guide of this company Himalayan Nepal Trek tough working and devoted guide with lots of knowledge on the mountains, also a very good climbing guide. Being a cook before, he is also a very good cook. He is good knowledge for managing small and big groups to make fulfillment for our clients. He is well certified from government Hotel Management Training center and Nepal Mountaineering Association for mountains safety and First Aid training.


Mr. Dorji Sherpa


Dorji has good awareness in Tourism sector since 2003 and he has to lead the visitors almost all around the Nepal & Tibet tour. Genuinely he is from Solukhumbu district Everest reason, as he is originating around the tourist area so naturally he has some tourism linked with his nature. In the sector of his field, he has a perfect guidance experience with nationally certified guide license and additional Trekking Cook working experience. Mr. Dorji is a responsible guide with humbles nature person with best trip handling skills and with prevention against any occurred worse situation with first aid knowledge. Many of them who have been toured with him they recommend him as for a next time once on our company Himalayan Nepal Trek. Since he works with this company he proved him self with a perfect planning and a trip management skill, either in a big group or a small. He has well certified from under government Hotel Management Training center and Nepal Mountaineering Association for mountains safety and First Aid training to his guidance and one of the finest ways to explore Nepali culture and people for an explanation to define our country and religion, he can refers prefer toward our customer.