8000M Expedition

Eight of the fourteen eight-thousanders are located in the country

8000M Expedition

Eight of the fourteen eight-thousand mountains are located in Nepal.

Nepal contains most of the Himalayas, the highest mountain range in the world. Eight of the fourteen eight-thousands are located in the country, either in whole or shared across a border with China or India. Nepal has the highest mountain in the world, which is Everest 8848m, Kanchenjunga 8586 3rd highest, Lhotse 8516m 4th Highest, Makalu 8463m 5th highest, Cho Oyu 8201 6th Highest, Dhaulagiri I 8167 7ths Highest, Manaslu 8163m8th Highest, and Annapurna I 8091 10ths Highest. As well as 1310 peaks over 6000m in height and 72 peaks over seven thousand meters making Nepal one of the best destinations for climbers and mountaineers around the world.

As climbing partners and leaders, we have been providing safe and successful expeditions for over a year. We use substantial resources with high-quality services. Our local climbing sherpas and leaders are always eager to help you and make it to the summits with mountain knowledge and techniques. Our camp setups, communication, hygienic food, experienced cooks, porters, and support staff are organized in the best possible way to give you a sense of safety and security through your climbing moments.

Climbing an 8000-m peak is a major accomplishment that requires extensive preparation, experience, and expertise. Here are some of the key requirements for climbing an 8000-m peak:

These are some of the general requirements for climbing an 8000-m peak. However, specific peaks may have additional requirements, so it's important to research the peak you're interested in and make sure you have the necessary skills, experience, and equipment. Climbing an 8000-m peak is not for the faint of heart, and it's important to approach it with caution and respect for the mountain. The followings are eight of the fourteen eight thousand meters peak in the world.