Dolpo Region Trek

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Dolpo Region Trek

Dolpa region is a distant region of Nepal, and the central point of this area is Shey Phoksundo National Park. The east and south of Dolpa are surrounded by the Dhaulagiri 8167m and Churen 7371m Himalayan ranges and to the west is the district of Jumla. The tourist features seen here are snowy peaks, ancient and remote villages, rich wildlife, mythical Buddhist monasteries, and clean altitude lakes. The cultural traditions of this area are basically linked with the Nepali and Tibetan cultures. Trekking in Dolpa offers you the remarkable and breathtaking experience of a lifetime. Trekking into Dolpa presents an exposure to the high and remote Himalayan valleys, resembling the Tibetan plateau. which is one of the major national parks of Nepal. “Shey Phoksundo Lake”. The lake is totally free of aquatic life, which the crystal waters clearly demonstrate. Surrounded by rocks, forests, and snow-capped peaks, the area has been described as one of the world's “Natural Hidden Wonders”.

The Dolpo trek is a great option for adventurous trekkers who are looking to explore a less visited and remote area of Nepal. However, it's important to note that the trek involves long days of walking at high altitudes, and the weather in the Dolpo region can be unpredictable, with snowfall possible at any time of year. Additionally, a special permit is required to enter the Dolpo region.

Best Treks in Dolpa Region:

The recommended treks are long days itineraries and extreme grades therefore one must have great physical and mental strength. The trekking in Dolpo is mostly a camping trek. The routes on a daily basis are over 4000m altitude and must pass several high altitudes passes of 5000m and have icy cold river crossing objective. Dolpo Mustang Trek: This is one of the most favored trek routes by trekkers, the route has 5 different 5000m passes, hours of climb, and descends. Ultimate Dolpo Trek: The itinerary is designed to give a complete overview of every high-altitude pass and visit historically important cultural places and villages of Dolpo, the itinerary is well designed with proper acclimatization and rest with 32 days of trek. Lower Dolopo Trek: This trek is a lower Dolpo circuit trek however it gives the actual understanding of the people and landscape of Dolpa.

Easy Trek in Dolpo Region:

There are a couple of destinations that are very easy to trek however you need to have good mental and physical strength. Phoksundo Lake Trek: The trek is a wonderful journey to see the cultural beauty and huge lake Phoksundo surrounded by beautiful hills and Kanjiroba Mountain.